Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Everyone has a unique story to tell.    The data around successful companies like Apple, Google, Pixar and others who value the art and craft of storytelling fill your Linked In and Facebook feeds.   Stories drive connection.   Leaders know the power of storytelling.   The words they use and the pictures those words paint define culture and create community.   We work with leaders to tell their story and the story of their organization.   Stories can be used to create a vision for what the company values and they can be used to drive sales and profit.    We will work together to craft a story that defines who you are, and creates space for others to be characters in your success story.


Where did it start?

Stories are who we are.   They bind us together and free us to act.   Stories set the culture and tone of an organization.   It is the stories we tell, more than anything else, that frame perspective.   Where do we start?   Right there.   With the power of questions.   It is the magic of questions that bring people together.   How do you share your passion?   How does your organization share its values?   When was a moment you were authentic?   What is it about you and your leadership that allows others to be successful?



Who do you want to be?

Why don't we share our story?   What causes that fear?   We will work with you to lead your group to celebrate the uniqueness and then teach you to drive your story to action.   Who you are makes a difference.   You chose this work and it is important your story is told.    We can use the 5 parts of a story to change behavior, to create culture, to build community and to showcase values.   

The best stories lead us to who we are individually and collectively.   As with any skill, using the gifts you possess and trusting the process to become better are expectations we walk you through.  


What do you want?

The balance to telling your story, is people listening to your story.   To be seen and heard is our greatest longing.   How do we translate that universal desire into personal and professional growth?   We tell our story with passion, authenticity and consistency.   We create spaces for others to be characters in our story and we honor that every good story has conflict and strive to create resolution.   Those 3 powerful parts of a story, characters, and conflict and resolution, along with setting and plot create the 5 parts of great story telling.   We will work with you to develop your story.   A story where the teller and the listener will be moved.