From the small town in East Tennessee I traveled to Knoxville where I received an undergraduate degree in Public Relations and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Tennessee.



As a college administrator, I have served at the University of Tennessee, The University of South Carolina, and now serve as Executive Director of Community Relations at the University of Denver.   Previous speaking engagements include: Florida International University, The University of Georgia, and Arkansas State University.   

My wife (partner, best friend and compass) and I are teaching our two children how to tell their story.   We connect to our community by serving as elders in our church and I sit on the board of Colorado High School Charter. 

My greatest calling has been to engage college students and assist in guiding from who they are to who they are becoming.  I am grateful to have been present as individuals learned the power of their own story.   It has been extraordinary to watch those students become executives, lawyers,  business leaders, and founders of companies.  I am still actively involved in coaching of these incredible individuals.   Every day they continue to shear their passion and understand thee values of share their story with those with whom they live and work.